Stage is set for Reynolds, Hubbell

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DAVENPORT- Fred Hubbell became the Democrat nominee for Iowa Governor Tuesday night, June 5, but the retired Des Moines businessman stood out to locals long ago.

During our Breakfast With...the Scott County Democratic Chair Thom Hart, Thursday, May 31, he told us voted for Hubbell. Hart added that he talked to Hubbell before he started running his campaign about why he's running more than a decade after he retired.

"I think he's really alarmed with what's happening with Iowa," Hart said Thursday. "He thought he knew an Iowa that he grew up with and has seen it shift dramatically in the last couple of years and wants to take us on a more traditional course where we support education, take care of people especially people struggling with mental health issues."

Hubbell's family helped found Des Moines in the mid 1800's and started some of Iowa's early businesses.

One of the big issues that will divide both Hubbell and current Republican Governor Kim Reynolds, is the state's finances. The income tax cut Reynolds signed will cause the state to take in more than $2 billion less over the next six years.

We had Breakfast With...Linda Greenlee, the chairwoman of the Scott County Republicans Friday, June 1. She says her party is still cleaning up budget problems left by Democratic leadership from seven years ago.

"I think when you have a Republican governor in there, they manage the money much better than when you have a Democratic governor in there," Greenlee said Friday. "We saw that with Chet Culver, where he got in a problem, and we had to rebound ourselves or change our bonding, and then we're repaying that money back now, and we're still balancing the budget."

U.S. News and World Report recently ranked Iowa the 21st best state in the nation when it comes to fiscal responsibility. Illinois came in dead last at number 50.

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