Two Moline police captains on paid administrative leave amid investigation

MOLINE, Illinois -- Two captains with the Moline Police Department were placed on paid leave after being in the truck the police chief was driving when he was cited for OWI.

Chief John Hitchcock was pulled over Friday evening, September 7, when he was speeding on Highway 61.  He was cited for speeding and OWI, after registering a .201% blood alcohol level.

According to a statement from City Administrator Doug Maxeiner, Captain Trevor Fisk and Captain Brian Johnson were in the truck when Hitchcock was stopped.   Neither captain was charged in the incident.

"This action was done out of an abundance of caution to make sure there were no improprieties during or after the traffic stop," read Maxeiner's statement.

Maxeiner said the captains were expected to return to their positions once a preliminary investigation was complete.