Pleasant Valley stripped of girls track titles

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After taking their first state title since 1991, the Pleasant Valley High School girls track team has been stripped of their state and regional titles and awards for 2014.

The Spartans won 12 events and qualified for State in 16 of the 19 events when they dominated at the district meet in May. The team won four events and placed in three others as they went on to take the Class 4A state title outright in May 2014.

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In a notice sent to parents and district patrons Friday, July 25, 2014, Pleasant Valley Superintendent Jim Spelhaug said those accolades are gone.

The decision was made in a closed session meeting involving PV Athletic Director DAnne Kroemer and the board of directors of the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union.

On June 23, Pleasant Valley learned of potential violations by a member of the track team and then self reported the information to the Iowa Girl's High School Athletic Union.  Junior Kaley Ciluffo allegedly competed in three different college sanctioned events, which is against Iowa Code.

"Collectively, we disagree with the ruling. We are saddened that the actions of one determine the consequences for an entire team, a group of young ladies that have worked very hard and for an entire community," said Pleasant Valley Athletic Director D'Anne Kroemer.

The board determined coaches and district administrators were not responsible for any decisions that led to the student to be declared ineligible.

This statement was issued by Spelhaug:

Dear Pleasant Valley Parent/Guardian,

Athletic Director D'Anne Kroemer and I just came out of a closed session with the Board of Directors of the Iowa Girls' High School Athletic Union.  It is with great sadness that I must relay to you their decision to strip the Girls Track and Field Team of State/Regional titles and awards won during the 2014 track season.  This action was taken because a member of the team participated in these meets when she was not eligible.  The IGHSAU Board reached this decision even while admitting Pleasant Valley coaches and administrators in no way were responsible for or knowledgeable of the actions which led the student to be declared ineligible.

The Pleasant Valley Board of Education will discuss what, if any, further steps the district may take relative to this ruling at its August 2014 meeting.


Jim Spelhaug, Superintendent

Pleasant Valley Community School District

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  • Mike

    I am absolutely appalled that news leaders such as yourselves keep broadcasting this story. If any of the other runners on the team were afforded the opportunity to run in such a prestigious race, they would have in a heart beat! This is seventeen-year-old we are talking about here! We talk about and tell our children to stop the bullying in our schools, yet the very people providing that lip-service is pointing fingers at one individual that happens to be a minor and still has to complete her schooling this year! In a few years, she will have more opportunities than most. Then what will the headlines be? I can imagine it will read, “PV native will be running for gold”. I imagine that coaches, athletic directors, and even towns will be holding onto anything related to acquire their 5 minutes of fame. Such as, “I was her coach” or “I was her teammate” or “I lived five miles away from her”… The bottom line is, students have to take SAT’s or ACT’s to see if they’re “smart” enough to get into college around their Junior/Senior year. Why shouldn’t premiere athletes be afforded the opportunity to run in a race to see if they were, “fast” enough. Oh by the way, did anyone happen to see her race results out west? I would presume that it is fast enough to give her a full-ride scholarship to any four-year school that she desires! #stopbullying #hatersgonnahate #dontliveyourlifeinhighschool #goforthegoldgirl

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