Rock Island shooting was “traumatizing for the kids who saw it”

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When Frances Centeno pulled into her drive way Wednesday evening, she was greeted by the radiance of blue and red police lights.

"I just saw police everywhere, Centeno said, who lives just feet away from where the victim was shot. "Somebody had told me that somebody got shot at the corner."

The victim was 21-year-old Alexander Ford of Moline.

Centeno said her husband was inside their home when shots were fired.

"It was scary for my husband. He opened the door when the guy was laying there," Centeno said, pointing to the scene. "He heard five pops and thought they were firecrackers."

He dialed 911. When Frances pulled into her driveway, she noticed a stray bullet that zipped through her neighbor's van.

"She has three kids who usually ride in that van," Centeno shouted. "Not to mention, there are always kids that are out here playing on the sidewalk. I'm just glad no kids were hurt."

She also added that kids were outside when this happened.

She believes senseless crimes like this could be avoided if police patrolled her neighborhood more often.

"We just want some security like everyone else," she said.

Police are still looking for suspects. If you have any information, your asked to contact the Rock Island Police Department at 309-732-2677 or Crime Stoppers at 309-762-9500.

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    “She believes senseless crimes like this could be avoided if police patrolled her neighborhood more often.” Now how can you blame the police, blame the person carrying the gun!
    No, this could have been avoided if others would stop carrying a gun with the sole intention of hurting someone else.

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