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Updated: Man found stabbed in gentlemen’s club parking lot dies, police say

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Police say a man suffering from stab wounds died after he had been found in the parking lot of a Davenport gentlemen’s club.

Assistant Chief of Davenport Police Donald Schaeffer said shortly before 4 a.m. Saturday, March 22, 2014 officers responded to the Chorus Line on Brady Street in reference to someone who was stabbed. The stabbing victim, 22-year-old Christian David Wood from Davenport, was treated on site and taken to an area hospital.

Schaeffer said Wood later died from his injuries.

Saturday afternoon, police said they were working on getting tape from inside of the club and working jointly with the owner to try and identify a possible suspect.

"If we can see these people, the owner may be able to identify some of the people on it," said Schaeffer.

Schaeffer said the stabbing was not connected to the two stab victims injured at the Volkan Night Club earlier on Saturday.

News Eight reached out to one of the club managers, but he said he was unable to comment at the time.

Last Saturday, three men were stabbed at Shenanigan's in downtown Davenport.


  • spanky

    That’s why they done away with the strip joints in gulfport il. Always some ghetto bum come down from chicago or the quad cities with some hoochies and shoot up the place.

  • Jessy

    I’m form the Qc…and is not the gentlemen clubs with all those Mexican clubs that they have that was not the only stabbing last night…. I guess now the government lets illegal Mexicans own Clubs, I guess the QC has change since I live there is a shame now…..

    • Jesus

      Hey “Jessy” how about before you start talking about Mexicans you get your English and grammar on point? The way you talk make you sound like an idiot of the highest kind. You literally sound like a like a dog trying to lick peanut butter off the roof of its mouth.

  • Danielle

    people are so rude and heartless… this is about a youg mans life that waa taken… smh this world is sick. to any family / friends i am so sorry for your loss… Christian and i shared a lot of the same friends and ive known of him for years… its heartbreaking.. he had a family…a baby… R.I.P Christian Wood

  • Momof3

    Yeah, he’s a real hum dinger of a man! I’m sure his wife was thrilled that he was looking at the “artwork” that was carefully displayed. Picasso, Davinci, or something that can be appreciated by his children, I’m certain. Not that I wish I’ll will to anyone, but I sometimes question the character of others that frequent these type of establishments.

    • your mama

      lots of people go into gentlemens clubs. lets not forget he was only 22, and places like that are still considered “fun” when youre young. so hes looking at naked women..big deal. some of your famous artists sculpted, painted etc naked people, and they are allowed to be displayed in public. just because they go into those clubs doesnt make them scumbags, it makes them guys.

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