Family, Friends Release Balloons For Morgan Lamp

Family and friends are remembering Morgan Lamp, who would have been 14 years old today.

On Saturday, October 19th, 2013, the group released balloons into the sky over Smart Intermediate - where Morgan would have been in 8th grade.

Morgan passed away from Leukemia in February 2013. Every balloon had a note to her attached to it, along with a website for those who find the balloons to report where they landed.

"They're all lighted and so we thought we'd light up the sky for her," says Amber Labarge, Morgan's Mother. "She was a very over the top 13-year-old and she liked over the top things, so this is very fitting for her."

A lot of people at the event also wore orange - the official color for Leukemia Awareness. Earlier in the week, Morgan's classmates wore orange in honor of Morgan. To see that story, click here.


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