Local Students Wear Orange in Memory of Morgan Lamp

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A Quad City school is remembering one of its students this week.

Morgan Lamp would have been in 8th grade this year, but lost her battle with Leukemia in February.

To commemorate her 14th birthday this Saturday, October 19th, 2013, Morgan's friends at Smart Intermediate in Davenport asked all their classmates to wear orange in memory of Morgan.

Students wore face paint, drew orange ribbons on the back of their hands, and dressed head-to-toe in orange. Some wore t-shirts with printed pictures of some of their favorite memories of Morgan.

The color, orange, is the official color for Leukemia Awareness. However, friends say it also represents Morgan's bold personality.

"She really didn't care what anybody thought about her and she made sure that people knew that," says 7th Grader, Hope Halligan. "She went out of her way to make sure that she was different from everybody else and she was very unique."

"She taught me that I can be myself and I didn't need to care what anybody else thought about me," continued Hope.

"She was funny and spunky," says 8th Grader, Breelyn McMahon. "She always called herself 'McAwesomeness.' She was not afraid to be herself."

Morgan's classmates will join her family and the community on Saturday to celebrate her birthday with a balloon launch. They will gather at Smart Intermediate, 1934 West 5th Street, Davenport and let go of the lighted balloons at dusk, around 6pm.