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Woman involved in alleged road rage incident speaks out

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editor's note:  Jail records indicate Maralee West was in the Rock Island County Jail before noon Friday, June 8, 2012.  Her bond was set at $75,000 with ten percent due to secure her release. 


One of two women charged in connection with an alleged road rage incident involving a baseball bat says the video shot by a bystander doesn't tell the whole story.

''We're not crazy bad weapon-users or crazy bad parents. We're just your average everyday Americans. We just acted with a little bit of crazy road rage'', said Dana Laughery in an interview with WQAD on Thursday at her home.

Laughery, 27, of Silvis, says the whole thing started when she was nearly sideswiped by another driver at an ATM at a local bank.

''The kid pulled out and almost hit me. If I wouldn't have slammed on my brakes, I would have hit him. He called me a whore , he threw his hands up'', said Laughery.

''It just got crazy real quick. He was laughing and smirking, like everything was funny and nothing was funny about the situation. I was like 'dude, do you have kids? You almost caused me to wreck my car with my child in it'', she said.

Still, she admits she was the one who left her car and approached the other driver.

''I don't know why I jumped out of the car. I wanted an apology'', she said.

Laughery says the driver shoved her during the confrontation, and says that is when her wife, Maralee West, came out of the car armed with a baseball bat.

West is seen on the video cracking the bat once on the car, and hitting the driver on his arm.

Watch the video - click here.

''She just panicked. I know she regrets it. We both regret everything that was done'', she said. ''I'm a good mom. I reacted with road rage. Almost 98 percent of Americans do it. I just wanted a simple apology from the kid. Should I have drove away? Yes, I should have'', she said.

As of Thursday afternoon, West, 29,  had not turned herself in to the county jail. She has warrants out for her arrest on three felonies, including aggravated battery.

Read about the charges filed - click here.

''She is turning herself in. She wants to do the right thing," said Laughery. ''The lesson is think before you react. This video makes us look like two crazy people," she said.