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Alleged road rage incident ends in attack caught on tape

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A confrontation in a Quad City bank parking lot erupted into an attack with a baseball bat and it was all caught on tape.

"As soon as I saw it, I double-clicked on my phone, and there's the camera," said Matt Harris, a bystander from Moline, Illinois who took the video.

He says it all started with a near miss between two cars at an ATM at IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union in Silvis on Saturday.

"They about hit each other but they didn't. They hit their brakes and started yelling back and forth," Harris said.

"When I saw the second girl get out of the car with a baseball bat, I knew I'd better start filming," Harris said.

The obscenity-laced video shows a woman carry the bat towards the other car, giving it one good swing. The driver and the car, taking a direct hit.

"He had an injury on his arm, it was swelling up. The video clearly shows she hit him in the arm with the bat," said Harris, who happens to be an Air Force veteran who served six months in Afghanistan.

"I was in Afghanistan. I have run toward things worse than baseball bats," he said. He continued to take video after the women got back into their car, and took off, making sure he caught their license plate.

The video also clearly showed a young child in the back seat of the car.

Silvis Police Chief Bill Brasche tells WQAD an investigation is underway, charges are pending and the video a key.

Harris says he was punched in the neck by one of the women. He plans on pressing charges as well.

"I think the lesson here is video evidence is undisputable," he said.

You can view Harris' unedited video in the player below.

WARNING:  Video contains violence and explicit language which could offend some viewers. 


(editor's note:  the suspect in the above video, Maralee West, was arrested as a result of this incident.  Ms. West is listed on the Illinois Sex Offender Registry.)