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First falcon hatches 5-7-15

Four eggs were on the nest at the MidAmerican Energy Building for the 2015 season.   They were expected to hatch any day, according to a MidAmerican representative’s statement and the first one broke through Thursday, May 7.

The first falcon baby hatched that same day, and was visible at about 3:30 p.m.

A new male peregrine falcon moved into that nest according to MidAmerican Energy facilities technician Dave Sebben.

“It’s hard to tell why P/D didn’t return this year.  This can happen when one of the mates dies or a younger male peregrine moves in due to their competitive and territorial nature,” Sebben said.

Sebben used the Midwest Peregrine Society database to determine the new male is E/60, hatched in a nest at the U.S. Bank Building in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, in 2007.

Scorpio and P/D have nested since 2003 outside a 10th floor window at the building at 106 E. Second Street in Davenport.  The pair has raised more than a dozen chicks since then.   Bridge construction forced the pair from their original home on the Centennial bridge.  The Iowa Department of Natural Resources installed a nesting box at the MidAmerican Energy building and the falcons immediately used it as their home.

In 1999, Scorpio was released at Ball State University as part of a Wildlife Recovery program and P/D was released at Lansing, Iowa as part of a repopulation program to introduce peregrines back into Iowa.

Scroll down to see more photos of the falcons and chicks from the MidAmerican Energy building nesting site.

Peregrine falcons were on the threatened or endangered species lists of Iowa, Illinois and South Dakota.  With the elimination of DDT in the early 1970’s, the peregrine falcons have made a tremendous comeback and have been removed from the endangered species list, but are still on the protected raptor list.

Marta the falcon chick 6-3-14 (WQAD Photo)

Marta the falcon chick 6-3-14 (WQAD Photo)

One chick was banded from the 2014 season after it hatched Thursday, May 8, 2014.  A total of four eggs were on the nest in 2014.

At a ceremony Tuesday morning, June 3, 2014, the MidAmerican falcon chick was banded and identified as a female.

Her name is “Marta.”  The name is Czech in origin, and means “lady” or “the lady.”


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