Luke Cleary joined WQAD as a multimedia journalist in October of 2018.

Previously, he lived and worked in Seoul, South Korea for nine years as a broadcast journalist covering tensions on the Korean Peninsula, as well as South Korean politics, business and entertainment.

Before returning to the U.S., he was the main anchor of the Korean Broadcasting System’s English-language news show, “News Today” on KBS World, for five years. He also co-hosted a weekly food show, “Taste of Korea,” on Facebook Live.

While in Seoul, he also produced news and feature programs at KBS World Radio and local English-language radio station TBS eFM. From 2015 to 2017 he hosted a daily drive-time music show, “Soundcheck,” inviting local indie artists and touring musicians from around the world to play live on air.

Luke is originally from Chenoa, Illinois. He graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign in 2009.

If you have any story ideas or tips on where to find Korean food in the Quad Cities, please contact Luke on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Rock Island to introduce new regulations for Airbnb users

    ROCK ISLAND, Illinois — With some local homeowners using Airbnb to earn extra money, disagreements over how the popular online booking service should be regulated has put some neighbors at odds. The city of Rock Island in considering new rules for home sharing platforms like Airbnb. City Manager Randy Tweet said city staff would present a proposal to city council sometime next month. Airbnb host Debbie Freiburg said she loved having guests in the lower unit of her home. “It’s […]

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    DAVENPORT, Iowa — Some Davenport high schoolers are getting a hands-on education in the trades, building a new home from the foundation up. Under the guidance of an instructor with years of experience in construction, about a dozen teenagers are getting a feel for a promising career path. “I love seeing the work we did,” said senior Garcia Thomas. “I love coming here and seeing that we put this together,” he said. The high schoolers were seen Friday working out […]

  • Davenport garage fire leaves structure a total loss

    DAVENPORT, Iowa — The Davenport Fire Department was called to respond Sunday evening to a garage fire at 1431 W. 37th Street. Firefighters said the garage was a total loss. First responders said they had to go into the alley and cut a hole in the side of the two-and-a-half car garage to put the fire out. A nearby shed was slightly damaged by the fire, but the house was not affected. So far, there is no word on what […]

  • Mercer County High Schoolers help Keithsburg brace for incoming flood season

    KEITHSBURG, Illinois — Mercer County High Schoolers filled thousands of sandbags in Keithsburg, Illinois, where the Mississippi River is expected to hit major flood stage by this weekend. Officials said the levee should be able to hold back the rising waters, but they’re stockpiling the sandbags now ahead of what could be a record-breaking flood season this spring. Memories of a devastating flood are in 1993 are still fresh in Keithsburg, where several old city blocks are now a flood […]

  • Mississippi River communities brace for incoming flood

    Public works crews across the Quad Cities are filling sandbags, assembling flood walls and staging other materials to keep rising river waters at bay.

  • Take a look inside the National Flood Fight Material Center as crews prepare for flooding

    As area rivers rise above flood stage, the Army Corps of Engineers at the Rock Island Arsenal are stocking up up on sandbags and other materials.

  • Bettendorf sixth graders learn how to survive natural disasters

    Maxwell said she hoped learning the science behind natural disasters would motivate students to teach their family and friends.

  • Trick of the trades: eighth graders get hands-on at Davenport career expo

    DAVENPORT, Iowa — Eighth graders from Iowa and Illinois middle schools on Thursday got some hands-on experience hammering, drilling and generally getting their hands dirty at the Hands-On Trades Expo in Davenport. Students from more than a dozen Quad Cities area schools got an introduction to trades like carpentry, roofing, plumbing, masonry and more. Representatives from about ten local businesses came to offer students guidance and encouragement as they tried their hands at applying dry wall and nailing down shingles. […]

  • “She was life” – How Jenni McGruder’s husband keeps her memory alive

    GALESBURG, Illinois — Days after a jury found Jonathan Kelly guilty of first degree murder in the shooting death of 26-year-old Jenni McGruder, her husband spoke to WQAD News Eight about how he is keeping her memory alive. Prosecutors said Kelly opened fire at Seminary Street Pub after a bar fight on April 1st, 2018. McGruder, who was out that night celebrating her birthday, was shot in the back of the head and died on the scene. Her husband, Michael […]

  • What is the Momo Challenge… and why experts call it a “hoax”

    DAVENPORT, Iowa — Ask most high schoolers if they’ve heard of the Momo Challenge, and they may tell you that they’re the ones who’ve made it such a sensation on the internet. Many share the creepy image to each other as a joke. “Even this morning, like four people sent it in our group chat,” said Termiere Walton, a senior at Davenport Central High School. “Just playing around and stuff,” he said. But the challenge has created a panic among […]

  • “Inclusivity” the theme at this year’s annual Quad Cities Youth Conference

    DAVENPORT, Iowa — Nearly 1,000 junior high and high school students are gathering Wednesday and Thursday at the RiverCenter in Davenport for this year’s annual Quad Cities Youth Conference. The conference’s keynote presentation and 12 workshops center on the theme of inclusivity this year. “This year we’re talking about inclusivity, and really looking at how, yes we all have differences, but what makes us the same?” said Faith Hardacre, a conference organizer. ” What are the similarities, and even if […]

  • Kelly found guilty in McGruder murder

    GALESBURG, Illinois — It took a jury barely an hour to find Jonathan Kelly guilty of murdering Jenni McGruder in April of last year. Kelly was charged with shooting the mother of two outside a Galesburg bar on the night she was celebrating her 26th birthday with some friends. It was a moment McGruder’s family had been waiting for. As the jury announced their verdict, cheers of joy soon gave way to sobs of relief in the courtroom. Kelly did […]

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