Kurt Liske is a general assignment reporter at News 8, covering a wide variety of news stories throughout eastern Iowa and western Illinois.

Kurt started as a general assignment reporter at Independent Network News in Davenport in 2006. He joined News 8 as a producer in 2010 and became a reporter in 2011.

His interest in journalism started in the first grade at the height of the Gulf War. He watched the latest developments on network television. He furthered his interests at North Scott High School where he created the school’s video news service.

Kurt graduated from Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa with a major in Communications. He’s a fan of the Knights but also of the Iowa Hawkeyes.

Kurt is married and lives in Davenport with his wife and son. When not at work he hunts and fishes and finds enough time to renovate his home.

If you’ve got a story idea, just contact him at Kurt.Liske@wqad.com.

Recent Articles
  • Crundwell faces 60 additional counts

    Former Dixon, Illinois comptroller Rita Crundwell faces 60 counts of felony theft after a grand jury indictment was delivered Thursday, September 20, 2012.

  • Month Old Trash Pile Disappears Thanks to ‘Good Deed’

    For one Quad Cities family it’s a sight that hasn’t been seen for weeks, a garbage truck that’s long overdue. “I’m surprised she let it go this long. If you miss somebody, they usually call us that night and we’re going to take care of it. I can’t believe they never came before this,” says the owner of Conrad Disposal. County Waste Incorporated has still not shown up to collect Heather Rubingh’s garbage. But after seeing our story last night […]

  • Trash Piling Up for County Waste Inc. Customers

    Some customers are having trouble getting a local company to pick up trash they are contracted to haul away.

  • Dixon Hopes to put Silver Lining on Crundwell Scandal

    For the better part of this year, a cloud has hung over the City of Dixon, Illinois. Ever since Rita Crundwell allegedly embezzled more than $53 million dollars from the city coffers, Dixon has been mired in mostly negative headlines. But city leaders hope to put that behind them and start recouping their losses when they auction off Crundwell’s nationally renowned herd of horses next week. “The public is going to have access to the auction site, so it’ll be […]

  • Concerns Over Public Access at Dock Site

    At yesterday’s Levy Improvement Commission members nearly unanimously approved a proposal to replace the old Dock Restaurant with a new mixed use four story building composed of business space, restaurants, and a banquet hall. But commission member Karl Rhomberg stood alone, asking the question ‘just how public will this project be?’ “Let’s make no mistake about it, as proposed it’s an office building. Everyone at all the meetings agreed that a restaurant cannot make it at that site,” says Rhomberg. […]

  • New Proposal Levels Davenport’s Dock Restaurant

    Davenport’s Levy Improvement Commission has approved a proposal to demolish the building that once housed the riverfront “Dock Restaurant.” Raufeilsen Development Company would like to build a four-story building in place of the flood damaged building. The proposal lists an elevated structure with parking on the first floor, restaurants, a banquet hall, and potentially a spa and health center on the second, third and fourth floor. The proposal is the first step in a potentially long journey, Mayor Bill Gluba […]

  • Galesburg Residents Say “Not In My Backyard” to Proposed Motel Development

      The signs are loud and clear in Northern Galesburg. City leaders want to rezone and develop 27 acres of farmland into a motel and commercial properties. “What we have concerns about is a motel complex going up essentially right behind us,” says Galesburg resident James Dieterich. “On the proposals in all the proposals that have come through there is a retention pond that has not moved that’s in my backyard, and I do not want it in my backyard,” […]

  • Toxic Mold Threatens Corn Crop

      It’s been a rough year for area farmers, but now many are wondering if their corn crops that have been stunted by drought, will fall victim to aflatoxin. A dangerous mold that thrives in ears of corn during hot dry summers. “It’s a highly carcinogenic toxin,” says Dave Slater of Eastern Iowa Grain Inspection. One in your system aflatoxin wreaks havoc on your liver, and can even cause cancer. The USDA has declared that all corn sold in the […]

  • Fertilizer Plant Chooses Lee County; Some Wonder If ‘NIMBY’ Is To Blame

    After months of debating zoning issues, the biggest single capital investment in state history, plans for a massive 1.3 billion dollar fertilizer plant project, has fled Scott County. Along with it goes an estimated 250 full-time jobs and millions of dollars in much-needed tax revenue. “It’s an incredible opportunity missed, and I’m extremely disappointed with that,” says Tom Sunderbruch of the Scott County Board of Supervisors. Many people believe that fertilizer plant project fell victim to NIMBY syndrome, otherwise known […]

  • Fire Damages Double in Galesburg

    Galesburg firefighters have been scrambling this summer. It’s not that they’re seeing more fires; it’s just that many of the fires they’re getting called to are much bigger than normal. “The actual number of fires isn’t the actual concern. It’s more the severity of fires,” says Fire Marshal Dan Foley. Last year fires caused a total of 1.1 million dollars in damages to Galesburg properties. This year’s total up until this point: 2.2 million dollars. “That’s just unusual for us. […]

  • Politicans ‘Final Push’ Begins on Labor Day

    A staple at Labor Day Parades everywhere, politicians and candidates will tell you this holiday weekend marks the start of their final, big push in their race to Election Day. “60 plus days left, and I’m ready for it. We’re ready for it,” says Cheri Bustos, candidate for Illinois’s 17th Congressional District. “I’m in my second or third thousand doors that I’ve been knocking on, and I’ve ever got a little callous on my knuckles,” jokes Bill Albracht who’s running […]

  • River Drive Re-Opening Can’t Come Soon Enough

    It’s the end of the summer, and for a handful of Davenport businesses, hopefully the end of construction season. “Our volume is down about 50 to 70 percent since we’ve had the construction,” says LuAnn Stemler of Winnies Wishes Resale Shop. All of the profits earned at Winnies Wishes go to support battered women in the Quad Cities. So a 50 to 70 percent drop in business truly hurts those in need. But there’s one thing that’s helped keep them […]

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