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  • stop sign

    Three vehicles involved in crash after police say a driver ran a stop sign

    Three vehicles were involved in a McDonough County crash that sent a driver to the hospital with serious injuries. A Chevrolet Equinox was headed westbound on 300 N on Wednesday, July 29, 2015 at 8:15 a.m.when the driver ran a stop sign at US 67, according to the Illinois State Police.  When the Equinox went through the intersection, it crashed into the passenger side of a truck tractor that was pulling a Cornhusker semi-trailer.  Then, the trailer being pulled by the truck […]

  • A 15-year-old boy was arrested in connection with the suspected death of an 8-year-old Madyson Middleton Monday, July 27, 2015, after a body believed to be hers was found in a dumpster in the coastal California city of Santa Cruz, police said.

Santa Cruz Police released this photo of Madyson in an attempt to generate leads in her case.

    Teen boy charged as adult in death of California girl, 8, found in recycling bin

    A 15-year-old boy has been charged as an adult with murdering and sexual assaulting an 8-year-old girl, whose body was found Monday in a recycling bin after she went missing in Santa Cruz, California, a prosecutor said Wednesday.

  • 11811570_1018835864794729_4759796102181479928_n

    Illinois dentist asks for ‘viral help’ in search of massive tooth balloon

    A massive balloon is on the loose, and an Illinois dentist is asking for help. All Smiles Dental in Algonquin, Illinois, located northwest of Chicago, reached out to the internet when their giant tooth balloon escaped.  They dentist office was asking for “some viral help” to find “Mickey Molar,” their balloon mascot. The Facebook plea was posted Friday afternoon, July 24, 2015. Two days later, the office wrote a thank you to those who were helping look for “Mickey.” “Mickey” […]

  • As the economy has improved, more Millennials have jobs than they did five years ago, yet more of them are living at home now, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. Some research points to student loan debt as another culprit.

    Millennials have jobs, but still live with mom and dad

    It might seem shameful to previous generations, but Millennials are in no rush to move out of mom and dad's -- even after they've landed jobs.

  • 150729124350-airplane-debris-found-indian-ocean-island-mh370-investigation-00010922-exlarge-tease

    ‘Aircraft debris’ checked for ties to MH370

    Apparent airplane debris found off the coast of Reunion island, a French department in the western Indian Ocean, is being examined to see if it is connected to the 2014 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, a member of the French Air Force in Reunion said Wednesday.

  • chris-and-chrissy

    Pregnant woman shot to death in murder-suicide, unborn baby survives

    A pregnant woman was shot to death, but doctors were able to save her unborn child after an apparent murder-suicide Tuesday night.

  • Blue moon

    Rare blue moon comes Friday

    If anything unusual happens to you Friday, you'll be right to say it was "once in a blue moon."

  • 3WHrLfB

    JCPenney employee sent home after shorts purchased at her own store deemed ‘too revealing’

    A former JCPenney employee claims she was sent home from work for wearing shorts that were "too revealing," even though she purchased the shorts in the store's "career style" section.

  • kipenzi

    World-famous giraffe dies in accident at Dallas Zoo

    DALLAS — The Dallas Zoo’s famous baby giraffe Kipenzi, whose birth on Animal Planet Live captured hearts worldwide, died on Tuesday. Zoo officials say Kipenzi ran into the perimeter edge of the habitat. Preliminary results indicate three broken vertebrae in her neck and that she died immediately, according to KDAF. “This is a huge loss for our giraffe herd, our staff and our guests,” said Gregg Hudson, president and CEO of the Dallas Zoo. “To be honest, it hurts terribly. We’re […]

  • A treasure hunting company said Monday, July 27, 2015, they have recovered more than $1 million in booty from a group of Spanish galleons known as The 1714 Fleet that sunk off the Florida coast in 1715.

    Gold worth more than $1 million found off Florida coast

    SEBASTIAN, Fla. — Jackpot! A treasure hunting company said Monday they’ve recovered more than $1 million in booty from a group of Spanish galleons that sunk off the Florida coast in 1715. The 1715 Fleet sank 300 years ago this week and was first discovered two years ago off Fort Pierce, according to WPTV. Queens Jewels, LLC, a historic shipwreck salvage operation, announced that it has recovered 60 gold artifacts from the shipwrecks. The company said they have recovered 51 […]

  • hunting

    Rock Island County to start accepting permit applications for deer season

    As deer hunting season approaches, the City of Rock Island will start accepting permit applications. Applications can be picked up from the Rock Island Police Department, the Rock Island Parks and Recreation Office or on their website here.  The applications will be available starting July 31 and will need to be completed and turned in by 5 p.m. August 21, 2015. Deer hunting is expected to be permitted on a select number of sites. Hunters who get permits will be […]

  • Jimmy Kimmel

    Jimmy Kimmel gets emotional talking about killing of Cecil the Lion

    Jimmy Kimmel addressed the controversy surrounding the killing of Cecil the Lion, referring to Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer as a “jackhole."


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