Cassie joined Storm Team 8 in July 2009.

Cassie grew up in Louisville, Kentucky and holds a degree in Meteorology from Western Kentucky University. Before coming to the Quad Cities, Cassie was a meteorologist at WNKY-TV in Bowling Green, Ky., and interned at WEHT-TV in Evansville, Ind., where she gained valuable experience in the area of forecasting from the station’s meteorologists.

Cassie’s interest in weather began when she was only seven years old after a big snowstorm left 16 inches of snow over her hometown. Since then, severe weather has fascinated Cassie – but her ideal weather is sunshine and 70 degrees.

When not forecasting, Cassie’s hobbies include traveling, reading, and giving in to her guilty pleasure of reality television. She is proud to call the Quad Cities home.

Recent Articles
  • Beyond the Green Screen: Chirping is for the Birds

    “Shut up!” That’s what my dear friend and coworker Gimmy yelled to the birds chirping outside of the studio. Apparently not everyone likes the sounds of spring. To be fair, they were being a little loud. I asked Gimmy if I could take a picture with him by the bushes of birds but he declined. It had me thinking of all things spring. It’s the transition from winter to summer that includes a roller coaster of temperatures, sometimes snow, thunderstorms, […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: A Cool Look at the Week Ahead

    Today was gorgeous wasn’t it? I think I’ve seen more people outside taking advantage of the weather more than I have all year… and for good reason. Temperatures climbed into the 60s today. That’s not going to be common this week. We’ve got one more day to enjoy these milder temperatures. With a low developing to our west helping to enforce gusty south winds into the area, our daytime highs will easily climb into the 60s again on Monday. We […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen. The Madness to My Bracket

    Growing up I loved watching college basketball. It’s what Kentucky does. We don’t have a professional football or basketball team but we have some really great high school and college basketball teams. I always have and still love the Louisville Cardinals. Since I moved to the Q.C. it has been a lot harder to find a local place to go to that’s playing their games. I don’t blame them as that’s the case with any state that has their own […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: Cleaning Up for Spring

    Have you done any spring cleaning yet? I haven’t. I can’t even say that I actually ever do a deep thorough “spring cleaning”. As I’m typing this and thinking about it I probably should but who wants to do that? Since high school I developed not necessarily a love for but a need or desire to clean. The energy in the room and my overall feeling of being in a room that is clean is more positive. My boyfriend can […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: I Survived St. Patrick’s Day Parade 2014

    I actually did it. I went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade Saturday morning. This may not sound like a big feat to you, but it was a pretty sizable accomplishment for me. I had been doing the morning show all week, waking up at 1:15 in the morning. Even when I’m not on the morning shift I like to sleep in as much as I can provided I don’t have anything special going on that day. I also don’t […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: Where’s the Snow?

    Where’s the snow? That’s the first thing I asked myself when I woke up at 1:15 this morning. I peeked out the window and could tell there was precipitation but there was only a wet pavement. I couldn’t tell if there were snowflakes mixed in or not. There were raindrops with flakes of snow hitting the windshield on my way to work a little after 2 this morning. They were melting on impact and my car thermometer was reading in […]

  • More snow on the way

    As colder air rushes in late tonight, snow will develop. These snow showers will continue through very early Wednesday morning.

  • Beyond the Green Screen: Too Much Snow With No Place to Go

    Temperatures really took off today. With highs in the 40s this afternoon, rain on Thursday, and temperatures above freezing through Friday we will be melting plenty of snow. Thank goodness. My Lily is running out of places to go in the yard. I had to shovel her a little spot so she doesn’t have to stay on the sidewalk when she’s outside. Poor baby! Temperatures cool down quite a bit by the time we get to the weekend but there […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: Crawling Out of the Deep Freeze

    Records and hearts were broken this morning. Temperatures plummeted into the double digits below zero in many of our hometowns. The Quad City International Airport set a record low of 22 degrees below zero which broke the record of minus 15 degrees that originally took place in 1885! I think it’s safe to say that winter and snow lovers can agree these extreme cold temperatures have been hanging around too long. They certainly have. It has been rare as of […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: My Unforgettable Snow Days

    The date was January 16th, 1994. Skies were grey and freezing rain was falling. That freezing rain switched over to snow around midnight. The snow just kept falling. I just knew we would get a snow day out of this. I was nearly 7 years old. The morning of January 17th was a great one for me. I vividly remember being bundled up and playing in the snow with my little sister and friend from down the street. This mid […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: Taking Baby Steps out of Winter

    The days are noticeably getting longer. It’s so encouraging to see the sun beginning to set as I’m driving home from work other than before I head out the door. The extra daylight that we add everyday will eventually have a positive impact on our temperatures. Naturally, the longer the sun is out, the longer temperatures will keep warm. By no means is at warm out there this week but seeing the sunlight helps to boost energy, keep moods positive […]

  • Beyond the Green Screen: Snowy Sunday on the Way

    Since we are in December, I guess I will allow it to snow. Ha! If only I had that kind of connection with Mother Nature. Now that I’m older and don’t have the option of staying home from school and playing in the snow I don’t quite enjoy it as much as I used to. The thought of snow on the streets, slick sidewalks and cars not functioning properly (or drivers?) gives me anxiety. Thankfully, we are not looking at […]