Brittany joined WQAD in July, 2013.

Born and raised in Red Wing, Minnesota, Brittany attended DePaul University in Chicago where she majored in Journalism and Public Relations. Brittany was a reporter and anchor for DePaul’s television news program, Good Day DePaul. While in school, she worked as a News Desk Associate at WBBM-TV.

After graduating, Brittany headed back to her home state and worked as a reporter for KAAL-TV in Rochester, Minnesota.

Brittany loves telling people’s stories and appreciates that her job allows her to meet new people and learn something new every day.

Brittany is happy to be in the Quad Cities and is already in love with Whitey’s. Outside of work, you can find her reading, working out, and exploring her new home.

Recent Articles
  • Respect Abilities celebrates grand opening

    On Saturday, June 13, 2015, Respect Abilities held a grand opening celebration. The downtown East Moline business allows artists of all abilities to display their talents for $1 a day. “I’m going to keep going as far as I can to become a famous singer who has down syndrome. I want to make a difference more than anyone,” said Kate Holsen. “You don’t get judged or anything, so it just makes you feel like a big happy family,” said Jennifer […]

  • Benefit planned for Abingdon Police Officer paralyzed in motorcycle accident

    An Abingdon, Illinois police officer is paralyzed after a motorcycle accident Saturday, June 6, 2015. Jon Rekash has been an Abingdon police officer for one year. Part-time, he was preparing to become full-time. He moved his family into a new house Saturday. That night, he went for a motorcycle ride, stopping to chat at the police station around 10 p.m. When his wife hadn’t heard from him, she called police. An officer pinged Rekash’s phone and found him just outside […]

  • Missing Davenport man last seen along Mississippi River

    Davenport Police were seeking help in their search for 57-year-old John Labarre.

  • Residents claim sewage leak fixed with duct tape in Clinton apartments

    Some residents of a Clinton, Iowa apartment building say the conditions they are living in are not safe, claiming one sewage leak appears to have been fixed with duct tape.

  • Presidential candidate Robby Wells makes stop in Davenport

    Democratic Presidential candidate Robby Wells spent time in Davenport June 5, 2015. “I believe that we’ve got the new face and we’ve got the message for what’s truly going to bring prosperity back to this country,” he said. Wells, a former teacher and football coach, ran as an Independent in 2012. Now as a Democrat, he is running on a plan called “Eaglenomics.” “We’re saying there’s good stuff on the left and there’s good stuff on the right and America […]

  • Family and friends of Justin Lockett donate $7,000 to Iowa Donor Network

    Family and friends of Justin Lockett delivered a $7,000 check to the Iowa Donor Network on Thursday, June 4, 2015 in his memory. Lockett died in May 2014 after suffering a brain injury when he fell down a set of stairs. He was 30 years old. “He made so many friends. I mean, we’d go out and he’d make new friends every time we went out and everyone liked to be around him. You felt like you were his friend […]

  • Willie Wilson makes first campaign stop in Davenport as presidential candidate

    Two days after kicking off his presidential campaign, Chicago businessman Willie Wilson made his first official campaign stop in Davenport.

  • Iowa DNR patrolling water ahead of Memorial Day Weekend

    As they get in the water, Iowa DNR Officers Jeff Harrison and Adam Dacke are looking for a few things. “Some of the basic things we’re looking for is compliance. If we’ve got someone that’s driving erratic, operating a boat,” said Harrison, “We want to make sure that the kids that are under 13 have life jackets, if we see a boat with a bunch of  people we’re gonna pull it over, we’re also looking for the alcohol aspect of […]

  • Fact check: What former Florida Governor Jeb Bush said at the GOP Lincoln Dinner

    Claim: “In Florida, we cut taxes every year, totaling 18 billion dollars.” What you should know: That’s one of several numbers out there. The website Right to Rise, Jeb Bush’s PAC, claims he cut nearly $20 billion in taxes as Florida Governor. According to The Maine Heritage Policy Center, Governor Bush is credited with cutting taxes every year he was in office, totaling $19 billion. Martin Sullivan, Chief Economist for Tax Analysts, estimates the cuts totaled $13 billion. Sullivan’s estimate […]

  • Fact check: What Rick Santorum said at the Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner

    Claim: “I was the author of the Welfare Reform bill.” What you should know: Santorum helped write what would eventually become the Personal Responsibility and Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act of 1996. A 1993 Washington Post article described Santorum, then a member of the House, as co-chairman of the House Republican task force that drafted the GOP welfare reform bill. According to Politifact, that bill sputtered, but when Santorum was elected to the Senate in 1994, he was once again involved […]

  • Fact check: What Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker said at Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner

    At the Iowa GOP Lincoln Dinner on Saturday, May 16, 2015, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was the last to speak.

  • Raw video of WQAD’s one-on-one interview with Senator Rand Paul

    Knowing what we know now, would you have authorized the invasion of Iraq? “I think it was a mistake to invade Iraq and I think it’s an important question because it still reflects on the Middle East and what we should do in the Middle East today. By toppling Hussein, I think we destabilized the area; we made Iran stronger, we led to a chaotic region which is now still involved in civil war 15 years later and in which […]