Eric brings nearly two decades on air experience to the mornings at WQAD. He received two Silver Dome Awards by the Illinois Broadcasters Association for excellence in weather coverage and breaking news. He has received two Emmy nominations for achievement in weather and breaking news and has been ranked in the top-ten nationally for his social media skills.

In 2008, he led a relief effort for devastating flooding in Iowa. He coordinated private pilots who delivered donated food and supplies via airplane from his hometown of Rockford, Illinois to Eastern Iowa (since all of the bridges across the Mississippi River were closed).

While forecasting the weather is his life’s passion, getting out into the community is what keeps him going. He has spoken to more than 15,000 students about weather in his career, and volunteers with the Alzheimer’s Association and Rebuilding Together Quad Cities.

After receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in Meteorology from Northern Illinois University, Eric chased tornadoes and hurricanes while working at KTRE in Lufkin, Texas as the Chief Meteorologist and as the Morning Meteorologist at KLTV in Tyler, Texas. Most recently, Eric spent a decade as Chief Meteorologist at WREX in his hometown of Rockford.

When he’s not at work, look for him kayaking area lakes and rivers. At home, Eric spends his time spoiling his two dogs Rufus and Oliver. He’s also fanatical about trains, planes, cars and the Green Bay Packers.

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