Arizona native, Madison Conner joined WQAD as a Multi-Media Journalist in February 2018. Madison graduated from Arizona State University (GO DEVILS) with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication.

Recent Articles
  • Rock Island County feels confident in election security

    Kinney believes voters should be confident their votes are going to the right place.

  • Thomas Taylor killer up for parole

    Taylor is ready to fight to keep him in there. She has already created a petition to keep him from parole.

  • Mother and daughter learn how to fight back against attackers

    MOLINE, Illinois- Women in the Quad Cities are learning how to fight back against attackers at a self defense class at Morrow’s Academy of Martial Arts, in Moline.      Katherine Cobert and her daughter Lillian have been thinking about taking a self defense class for years.      “My husband and I kept saying we really should get our daughter in here and just kinda putting it off and then with the most recent things it was like ok we […]

  • Residents dread Illinois 84 construction in Port Byron

    PORT BYRON, Illinois–The Illinois Department of Transportation announced today that drivers in Port Byron will have a new route through town starting Monday due to construction. Residents believe it will be a huge inconvenience. “I use this road, this main road multiple times a day as well as most of the community. A lot of us are a part of extra curricular activities that are right down the street. So it’s going to cause a huge disrupt for us,” said […]

  • Increase in animal abuse calls prompts Clinton to hire protection officer

    An animal advocate in Clinton says the city is facing an extreme number of animal abuse calls. The city says it gets more than 10 complaints a month.

  • Hundreds walk to support suicide prevention

    EAST MOLINE,  Illinois– “I’ve got him here and he’s loving this,” said Birdie Meyer. Meyer lost her brother to suicide nearly three years ago.    “He just couldn’t take the stress any longer,” said Meyer. This is her first time going to the Out of the Darkness walk.       The walk is an American Foundation for Suicide Prevention event put on in hundreds of cities across the country, meant to bring people together to open about about mental health and struggles they’ve […]

  • Gold Cup Championship held in Quad Cities for the first time

    EAST MOLINE, Illinois– After years of work, the Gold Cup Championship has finally stopped in East Moline. Riders full of adrenaline, as they compete for the title. “These races go all over the country I’ve raced this race in Oklahoma before, in Nebraska many times and so it just moves around,” said Paul Depauw. Depauw is the track director at the East Moline Speedway.   Now it’s here in our own backyard giving seven-year-old Hannah Whitmarsh from East Moline upper […]

  • School bus backs into ditch with 30 students on board

    A school bus filled with students slipped into a ditch, just north of Donahue, Iowa. 

  • Civil Rights Commission gets back on track

    With events coming up this week the commission is ready to get back to work.

  • After seventy years local Republican thinks the time is now to stand up for change

    MILAN, Illinois– Every year the Rock Island County Republicans organize an event to get representatives, candidates and the community together. This year a new face walked into the conversation. Sharon Tolle has been a Republican her entire life. Next week, she turns 77. Tolle has never felt the need to go to a political event, until now. “What’s gone on in the country I felt that I need to be more involved with the Republican party with any party because […]

  • Kids and grown ups face reality of cyber-security at annual convention

    Hacking and cyber security has been a hot topic since the 2016 presidential election. Organizers at Corn Con realized that and brought awareness to the problem at their annual convention.

  • The Rock Island Grand Prix is tradition for this family of racers

    The unique course keeps people coming back each year.