Arizona native, Madison Conner joined WQAD as a Multi-Media Journalist in February 2018. Madison graduated from Arizona State University (GO DEVILS) with a Bachelor’s in Journalism and Mass Communication.

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  • Search for missing teen continues

    A vigil is planned at Davenport Central on Thursday.

  • Rallying for justice after son’s death

    Rock Falls, Illinois– Alfredia Edwards is filled with emotions. Back in January her son, Nate Edwards, was shot and killed in a traffic stop. “I want these policemen to know that what they did was cold-blooded and how could they live with themselves everyday knowing what they did to somebody else`s child,” said Edwards. Illinois State Police and The Whiteside County Attorney’s Office investigated the incident. Police say what they officer did was justified but the victims family doesn’t see […]

  • Muscatine woman battling breast cancer gets unique support from community

    "To have that many people come out and support you is unreal," said Loveless.

  • These Aledo students are fighting bullying in Illinois

    They know bullying is a nationwide problem and say they won't stop until it is fixed.

  • The history inside the old Rock Island County Courthouse

    Rock Island, Illinois– The old Rock Island County Courthouse has barely been used in nearly two years. The building is outdated and costs a lot of money to maintain. The County has proposed to tear it down but it won’t be coming down without a fight. A group of local preservationists have stepped in to keep the building intact. The community is getting involved too. Diana Alm has lived in Rock Island county for forty seven years. Until recently she […]

  • Mendoza family fighting through the tragedy

    Rock Island, Illinois– On July 7th the tree that killed two people, during Red, White and Boom, was cut down to just a stump. The Mendoza’s lost a husband, father and brother when Daniel Ortiz Mendoza Sr. died that day. They stood by to watch each branch of the tree get torn down. “That was his favorite spot so seeing that tree fall,it`s hard on us,” said his daughter, Daniela Mendoza. “It was apart of his life. It was a […]

  • Thousands of dollars worth of fireworks stolen

    Surveillance footage from Jumpin Joey's caught the robbery and the footage has been given to police.

  • Update: Police identify man who crashed car into Davenport Municipal Airport and died

    Update: The man who led Iowa State Patrol officers on a chase through parts of rural Scott County, crashed through the gate of the Davenport Municipal Airport and died after his car struck a fuel container has been identified as Scott M. Schaefer, 29, of Clinton. Officials have not released any other details, including a possible motive. Schaefer did have a number of criminal convictions, including one charge of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon in 2007, according to court […]

  • Headstones torn down by vandals

    Volunteers are determined to maintain the area.

  • Local softball team raising money for Nationals

    Bettendorf, Iowa– The Bettendorf Lil’ Dawgs softball team won the state championship title and have now been invited to Nationals in Kansas City at the end of July. They need to raise seven thousand dollars to cover the cost for the entire team. “They’reĀ  pumped. They can’t wait to get down there and play and be on that huge of a stage,” said Adam Hultman. Hultman is the Lil’ Dawgs assistant coach. On July 1st they teamed up with Public […]

  • Mothers rally against immigration policy in Davenport

    Davenport, Iowa– Thousands of people nationwide are fighting back against President Donald Trump’s immigration policy. “Our government has chosen to separate children, as young as infants, from their parents. Most of whom are coming to seek asylum at our border,” said event organizer Leslie Kilgannon. Kilgannon helped organized the rally in Davenport. It started with mothers in the community. “Several mothers in the area have been growing concerned about the situation that is happening on our southern border, ” said […]

  • Raising money one cup of lemonade at a time

    Jayson raised a little over five hundred dollars.