Jenna joined WQAD in August, 2012.

Born and raised in Springfield, she received a Bachelors in Radio/Television at Southern Illinois University of Carbondale.
While at SIUC, she was actively involved in their live student-produced television newscast which aired on the PBS affiliate.
She then continued her education and got her Master’s in Public Affairs Reporting at University of Illinois Springfield.

Outside of reporting Jenna likes to hang out with family and friends, read, travel, and cook.

Jenna looks forward keeping you informed, meeting the community and telling their stories. She is excited to be in the Quad Cities and would love to hear from anyone with a good story to tell.

Recent Articles
  • Quad City River Bandits want to add miniature golf course to riverfront

    DAVENPORT – Some would say the Mississippi River is the main attraction to Downtown Davenport, but it could get some competition. The people who oversee Davenport’s parks and it’s riverfront took a tour of the area around Modern Woodmen Park, trying to envision what the baseball team’s owner now wants to bring downtown. “It`s a family-friendly activity to bring families downtown, bring young people downtown, a community attraction and to make memories,” said Roby Smith, co-owner of the Quad City […]

  • Buffalo Police Chief gives thanks to students for their support

    BUFFALO, Iowa – We’re hearing from Buffalo Police Chief TJ Behning for the first time since he was badly injured trying to stop a fleeing suspect. On Thursday, October 5th, Buffalo Elementary School held a special assembly to give thanks to local first responders. “We are a very close community and we know a lot of our very community and we know a lot of our first responders on a first name basis,” said Mallory Bartleson, PTA member. However, missing […]

  • Putnam Museum program takes students out of the classroom

    DAVENPORT – Local fifth-graders faced some tough interrogation. Students from Fillmore Elementary School in Davenport acted as immigrants entering Ellis Island. They were questioned and inspected by guards before being allowed to enter America. The kids are part of the Immerse Program at the Putnam Museum. The weeklong program takes kids out of the classroom and uses Museum resources to make their lessons more hands on. “It almost ignites your passion as a teacher to come do something different and […]

  • RICO Zoning board approves special permit for Ski Snowstar for the second time

    ANDALUSIA, Illinois – The Rock Island County Zoning approved a special use permit for Ski Snowstar for a second time. The Rock Island County Board sent it back to the county’s zoning board to take a second look at the proposal. Ski Snowstar wants to operate year-round and hold special events like weddings. Snowstar says it’s too hard to keep up with maintenance year-round when there’s not an income coming in year-round. However, neighbors say if Snowstar wants to grow […]

  • How to use social media to find a job

    DAVENPORT – You can guarantee you’ll find Courtnie Reeder scrolling through websites. “Four days a week I`m looking online if there`s something new,” said Reeder. Reeder is a recent college graduate and has been on the hunt for a job. Besides looking at job sites, she uses social media to find a job or connect with employers. “Facebook and Twitter it does allow you to like or follow their employer pages to where you can learn about new hires or […]

  • Quad City residents weigh in on gun debate

    MOLINE – It’s all anyone can talk about right now. “Another one, literally that was my first reaction was another one,” said Michael Battaglia. The mass shooting at a music festival in Las Vegas that killed more than 50 people and injured hundreds of others. “It’s horrible you just can’t imagine that people can go off that way,” said Tom Waggoner. “I feel so sad for all those people in the concert and going there to enjoy and not expecting […]

  • Local Soldier gets special surprise before deployment

    DAVENPORT – Today the Iowa National Guard had a send-off for its largest, single unit deployment since 2010. Send-off ceremonies were held at several locations, including Muscatine, Davenport, Waterloo, and Boone. Around 400 soldiers of the 248th Aviation support Battalion will head to Fort Hood, Texas for additional training before assignment to overseas locations. One of those soldiers is Michael Novitske, from Davenport. His family will tell you the goodbyes never get easier. “It`s our second but our first with […]

  • Monmouth College makes their own ‘Scots Coffee’ on campus

    MONMOUTH, Illinois – Tomorrow might be National Coffee Day but at Monmouth College, they’re taking their love for coffee to a new level. Java, a cup of joe, coffee, whatever you want to call it, people must have it. For some, it’s the only way they can start their day. Students at Monmouth College are appreciating the drink for more than just the flavor and caffeine, but the science of it, by making it themselves. “Everyone plays an important role […]

  • Study ranks Illinois third in nation for dogs eating marijuana

    It's no secret dogs will get into things every now and then, but one study says Illinois ranks third in the nation for dogs eating Marijuana.

  • Franklin Elementary School fire displaces students for at least a week

    MOLINE – School will be closed for the rest of the week for students at Franklin Elementary School after a fire damaged the building. 4th grader Macy spent her day playing games on her tablet instead of sitting inside a classroom learning. “I`d be doing social studies,” said Macy. Sunday morning firefighters arrived at Macy’s school, Franklin Elementary to find smoke coming from the building.  Macy’s grandmother saw the whole thing. “As soon as he opened the door you could […]

  • Iowa vet runs across state to raise awareness for PTSD

    BURLINGTON, Iowa – It was a gathering to meet a man they’ve heard so much about so much about. “It’s kind of started on Facebook and snowballed into something we were really interested in making sure we were able to be a part of,” said Danielle Liechty. The masked man running around the state of Iowa. “What he`s doing, it just speaks volumes to us that he`d go out and do this,” said Sandman, State Rep for the Combat Veterans […]

  • Attempt to oust Muscatine mayor ringing up big bill for taxpayers

    MUSCATINE, Iowa –  It’s a simple question the city of Muscatine doesn’t seem to want to answer: How much money has been spent trying to remove Mayor Diana Broderson? It’s been almost two years that the city council has been trying to oust the city’s mayor. We requested documents to find out how much money the city has spent so far to impeach Mayor Broderson. After several hurdles and getting our attorney involved, we finally received some documents. The paperwork is […]