Polls show voters are undecided on presidential election; here’s what Iowa residents think is the cause

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Wednesday night, January 14 was the seventh and final Democratic debate before Iowans caucus for their favorite candidate.

But with weeks to go before the big event, a poll from CNN, the Des Moines Register and Mediacom showed that one in eight voters have no first-choice candidate.

Iowa resident, Holly Green, said she suspects Iowans will watch and wait right up to the last moments before they go out to caucus on February 3.

"I think Iowans do their homework on this kind of stuff," she said, explaining that's what causes the delay in decision-making.

"A lot of people want to know, the trust just isn't there sometimes," said voter Haely Ploog, "so they want to hear more and more from each nominee."

The six candidates came together for their final debate before the Caucus in Des Moines.   Click here for the six main points made on the debate stage.

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