Davenport civil rights commissioner calls for fresh start

DAVENPORT, Iowa-- The director of Davenport's civil rights commission is now calling on the mayor of Davenport to start over with a brand new civil rights commission.  It comes after another confrontation between two sets of members.

Two meetings were held at the same time January 14. The argument is between the former board of commissioners and the new commissioners appointed by Former Mayor Frank Klipsch.

The former board says they were illegally removed so they showed up to the new commission's meeting and held their own meeting at the same time.

The newly appointed chairperson says all of the arguing is a disservice to people who live in davenport.

The Director of the civil rights commission Latrice Lacey says the two groups cannot work things out on their own.

She wants newly elected Mayor Mike Matson to vacate all positions and start over.  The commission chairperson suggests the issue be solved in court.

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