Hope Creek holds meeting to discuss the fate of the nursing home

EAST MOLINE, Illinois-- Hope Creek Nursing home may soon have new ownership.

The Rock Island County board chairman has said the goal was to finalize the sale by January to help pay off the home's $20 million debt but that sale could put jobs at risk.

Hope Creek employees and families held a meeting on Monday, January 13 with a Rock Island County board member to discuss the potential sale of the nursing home.

According to the nursing home's union representative, they say they have heard from many board members that the county has received a specific bid that concerns members of the nursing home staff because too little is being offered,  the county board says they are looking for a buyer who would keep the nursing home open.

In December, the county said they had four potential buyers, but won't give any more details about the sale.

Rock Island County Board Member Kai Swanson says the county may be voting on the sale of the nursing home later this month in an open meeting.

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