Commission seeks public input on IL 92 corridor improvements

MOLINE, Illinois -- Even though times have changed, thousands of motorists use the Illinois 92 corridor on their commute between the downtowns of Rock Island to Silvis just like they have for decades. The Bi-State Regional Commission is seeking public input on how to improve it after winning a $300,000 grant to study the topic last year.

"It was serving a lot of our industrial needs at the time back in the '70s," said Gena McCullough, assistant executive director, and planning director at Bi-State. "It has a lot of commerce and business activity along that corridor and it also serves some bicycling and walking to some extent, but we'd like to see that improved."

Consultants on Monday held a workshop with the public in Moline. Contracting with Gewalt Hamilton Associates, Bi-State's study will make recommendations to the four municipalities. One solution could be a "road diet," or reducing the number of lanes on sections of IL 92.

"So that you might be able to put bike lanes or parking on either side," McCullough said.

Previous studies have also considered turning several one-way roads along the corridor into two-way streets which could make pedestrian crossings safer.

"It also allows people to park and visit the businesses rather than having to go around the block to get to a location," she said.

The Illinois DOT has also previously explored changing the intersection heading from Moline into East Moline into a European-style roundabout, which consultants working on this study might also recommend.

For more information on how to add your input, visit the Bi-State Regional Commission website.

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