Local head shops see spike in sales after first few days of legalized marijuana

MOLINE, ILLINOIS  --  Now that marijuana is legal in Illinois, head shops are looking to go mainstream as well.

"People were not as comfortable coming in and picking up a piece," Yabba Dabba employee Kiley Collins said. "They are more comfortable with taking it home now that it's legal."

Collins says Yabba Dabba is seeing more customers since the legalization.

"I've seen so many new faces just today," Collins said. "When the word started getting around that it was going to become recreational, that it was going to be a thing, that is when people really started trickling in."

Collins says with the legalization she can talk more freely with customers and answer questions that used to not be allowed.

"I can answer their questions and help them more now without being careful what I say." Collins said. "You know, like, this is what you do, you don't have to take a big hit, just burn the corner."

Owner of Moline's Lollypalozza, Laura Bomgardner, says business is doing well. She says the two locations probably saw around 400 customers on the first day of legalization.

"People aren't afraid to have it or posses the pieces now, when they might have been before," Bomgardner said.

Both shops say they can't figure out what type of paraphernalia, like glass pieces or vape, is the most popular.

"Cartridges have been very popular," Bomgardner said. "With it being legalized, there is nowhere to go but up."

"Everybody has their preferences, so they are both selling like crazy," Collins said.

Yabba Dabba in Moline says they plan on opening a new location in Rock Island because of the new law .

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