Teachers and volunteers prepare new Mark Twain Elementary classrooms for students

BETTENDORF, Iowa - A team of staff and volunteers spent the day after Christmas helping clean up and move supplies into the new Mark Twain Elementary School.

"We said we`d do it so we showed up," said Trudy O'melia, one of more than two dozen volunteers from Blackhawk Bank and Trust helping to prepare the school

With construction finished, the building must be ready for students to move-in on January 6th, 2020.

Volunteers helped to bring in boxes, wash tables, sweet and organize teaching tools.

Preschool Teacher Cara Krama said the move is her first "big move" in her 19 years of teaching.

"It`s overwhelming at the time but I just take a deep breath and it will get done," said Kramer.

She was sorting through toys and boxes of teaching supplies for the majority of the day on Thursday. She said the transition will take days.

"We`ve been in a temporary building for the last several months and we haven`t had all of our stuff," she said.

As she packed cubbies and cabinets full, she said there is a method to the madness. She also mentioned that her new room is twice the size of her former classroom and has more natural light. She also pointed out state-of-the-art technology and flexible seating. All of those are features, she said, that can help enhance her students learning experience.

"It will be like Christmas all over again in the classroom," said Kramer.

The students will begin class here on January 6th.

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