Last Minute Christmas shopping at Lagomarcino’s in Davenport

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- It's the eve of Christmas eve but by the looks of the line at Lagomarcino’s in Davenport’s East Village, not everyone was done with their Christmas shopping.

That was the case with Nancy Hayes, who was at the counter, scooping up everything from individually wrapped truffles, to a chocolate “Santa’s Boot” to finger puppets with little Santas on them.

“What do you get?” she wondered aloud, for family members who seem to have everything already?

“I’m giving them things they would not buy for themselves,” she answered her own question.

“So these are gonna go all around the table, and in stockings so, even though they’re very grown-up children, I like to give them lots of Lagomarcino’s chocolate. I love Lagomarcino’s.

By the end of her trip, she had filled a basket full of assorted chocolates, chocolate sauces,

”Well I pretty much bought off everything that was on this counter right here.”

Tom Lagomarcino, the store’s co-owner, said the days before Christmas are typically very busy.

“It’s a crazy day for us. There are many Christmas lists that include Lagomarcino chocolates, either as stocking stuffers or as all kinds of things. As a result, we try to have it ready for them.”

And just in case there is still someone on your list you forgot, Lagomarcino said you can still get some shopping done Tuesday: "We’ll be open tomorrow Christmas eve from 9 until 3pm."

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