Woman forced out of Davenport apartment due to unlivable conditions

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Tenants of Easy Street Properties in the Quad Cities said they've been left stranded with substandard housing conditions.

A woman named Raven Hollenhorst and her son were forced to move into a hotel after city inspectors said their apartment building was not livable.

She said the furnace wouldn't heat the building above the city's required minimum of 68 degrees and they had issues with trash and mold.

A representative from East Street Properties said in addition to giving her deposit back, they offered her $500 in moving expenses.  Hollenhorst, however, said more should be done to hold management companies accountable.

"It's so stressful," Hollenhorst said, "because home is where you are supposed to be safe, and if you're renting from Easy Street you can't go home to be safe."

The representative said they are complying with the city to vacate the home.  Hollenhorst said she is planning to file a lawsuit.

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