Ready for snow? Monday could be a doozy!

This is an archived post.

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Aside from a few hours in the late-night hours of the day, our team of four meteorologists is working non-stop on the accurate forecast. It’s especially important this year as yesterday’s wintry roads led to a fatal accident on Interstate 280. The previous wintry system on November 11th also caused a fatal accident on I-280.

When you think about it, we are in more jeopardy driving in wintry weather than during most severe weather alert days.

We’re still tracking the possibility of a full-fledged winter storm for Monday, but the details remain a bit fuzzy at this point.

We don’t know the exact track at this point, but we do have consistency in the models from day to day and that gives us a little more confidence.

As Meteorologist Morgan Strackbein points out, there is still a model-outlier. Until both of these come together, it’s not a sure-bet.

What is? The timing is pretty much locked in: beginning Sunday night, lasting through the afternoon on Monday we will at least get some snow. Whether this is a doozy or a dud remains to be seen. We’ll continue to track it accurately over the next few days.

Next week will be much colder, but a lot depends on snow cover by that time.

-Meteorologist Eric Sorensen


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