Rock Island teacher finds white nationalist flier in yard, says there’s no reason for material like this to spread

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois -- When a Rock Island resident and teacher found a racist flyer in his yard, he said there's no reason for material like this to be spread in his town.

Eric Nesbitt said he found the flier in his yard on 35th Street after he got done walking his dogs during the weekend of December 7.   The flier was stamped with a white nationalist group's logo.

"We have no business for this kind of rhetoric in Rock Island," said Eric Nesbitt.  "It's a community that's a melting pot of races and this is a community that's always thrived because of that and we just have no business having that here in Rock Island and anywhere else as far as I'm concerned."

The flier was found wrapped around a grocery store ad.  Managers from that store said they did not put out the flier, and someone else must have attached it.

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