Governor Pritzker signs bill to support $45 billion capital projects plan

CHICAGO, Illinois — The governor of Illinois has approved a bill that supports a $45 billion plan to rebuild Illinois.

Governor J.B. Pritzker signed the bill at the Laborers Chicago Training Center on Tuesday, December 10. It’s part of a capital projects plan that aims to fix what’s broken and build what’s needed, said the governor.

“This is a job creation plan,” he said, “the likes of which our state has never seen.”

The goal of the bill is to help advance public safety, invest in infrastructure and expand career opportunities – particularly for working families.  Over the course of six years, the bill will focus on improving transportation, school and digital needs across the state.

Governor Pritzker said the bill establishes a pre-apprenticeship program that strengthens the path for jobs. It also advances opportunities for apprentices to practice their craft on state projects, and creates incentives for such projects through bid contracts.

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