Carson King visits the QC to read to kids

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Carson King, the man turned a joke into a $3 million donation to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital made a visit to Davenport.

King initially brought a sign to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game asking for people to Venmo him money so he could replenish his beer supply.  To his surprise, people actually started sending him money in droves, and he decided to donate to the hospital.

On Wednesday, December 11, King made a visit to Davenport and read to preschoolers at the "Friendly House," which is a center responding to the needs of children, families and seniors on the community.

King told News 8 that he stands behind the difference one person can make, and sees the importance of spreading acts of kindness.

To welcome King, the kids made signs that gave a nod to his gag that started his claim to fame.  In return, each of the kids got to take a book home.

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