Iowa Supreme Court rules firearms cannot be carried at school-owned athletic grounds after incident at Brady St. Stadium

DAVENPORT, Iowa- The Iowa Supreme Court affirmed a Scott County conviction for carrying a firearm on school grounds.  In State v. Mathias, the defendant was charged with carrying a firearm on school grounds when he was on the premises of Brady St. Stadium during an event.

This originally occurred back on September 27, 2017.

The issue in the case was whether Brady St. Stadium was “school grounds” for purposes of the statute since the code did not specifically define it.

The defendant was found guilty at the District Ct level, and on December 6 the Supreme Court affirmed that conviction, holding that Brady St. Stadium is in fact school grounds for purposes of the statute.

Specifically, they held that “grounds of a school” can include school district-owned athletic facilities that are not part of or built on the land contiguous to the classroom building.”

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