News Eight rides along with Iowa State Patrol ahead of holiday travel week

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- Iowa State Patrol says it will have extra troopers on the highways for the big Thanksgiving holiday travel days of Wednesday through Sunday. It said an estimated 49 million drivers will travel this week nationwide.

In a ride-along on Tuesday, Trooper Dan Loussaert told News Eight the fastest speeder he's ever clocked had been driving 119 mph.

"I've had several over 100, but 119 is the fastest," he said. One of his colleagues has clocked someone going more than 160 mph, while this year more than 500 motorists have been cited for speeds of over 100 mph statewide.

"One hundred is too fast. Seventy miles an hour really is a nice speed. It's a fairly safe and reasonable speed, but you're making good time," Trooper Loussaert said.

Millions of Americans hope to make good time this holiday travel week. Interstate 80 is one of the busiest roads in the United States, and it will no doubt welcome drivers from around the country this week. More troopers will be on the roads as well.

"We'll be looking for speeders, and we'll be looking for impaired drivers and distracted drivers," Trooper Loussaert said. "And of course we want everybody to buckle up."

Passengers can also help out their drivers keep their eyes on the road and the speedometer.

"If you need to check an email or send a text or mess with your GPS, [we recommend] not doing it when you're on the road or having a passenger do it for you," Trooper Loussaert said.

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