YOUR MONEY with Mark: The End of 2019 Means Quiet Stock Market, Busy Stores

When it comes to YOUR MONEY, we want to take it a step further. That's why Mark Grywacheski appears on Good Morning Quad Cities every Monday to give us his analysis of the latest business, economic, and financial news.

Curious about what will happen in the stock market for the rest of the year? Investment Adviser Mark Grywacheski from the Quad Cities Investment Group gave us his predictions on Monday, Nov. 25.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is close to hitting another all-time record high and Mark doesn't expect much volatility in the final weeks of 2019.

"We’re approaching that time of year when traders tend to take a step back from the market," he explained.

"In the next five weeks, we have Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. Traders start to lock in their profits they’ve made this year and not risk everything in the final four to five weeks of the year."

Mark also shared some fun and interesting facts surrounding Thanksgiving and the holiday shopping season.

For example, did you know 88% of people will eat turkey on Thanksgiving and more than 50% of Americans will shop during the long holiday weekend?

To see how much money we're expected to spend and what the top gift is this year, click the video above.

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