Bettendorf entrepreneur develops mobile work space for business people on the go

BETTENDORF, Iowa -- An inventor from Bettendorf, Iowa has created a way to make it easier for people to work while they travel.

To make this happen, Mark Ross created a van unlike any other - Landjet.

Landjet, created by Ross and his partners was designed to take business people to their work destinations on the road, allowing them to skip airport lines or the bumps of a typical car.

"A lot of people travel, come home," explained Ross.  "They have emails that are uncleared. They have to take care of business and this way they can get on with family life once the work days over."

Landjet hit the streets on January 1, but it took years to get there.  Ross and his partners went through the University of Iowa Venture School, surveying customers, testing their product and improving their ideas.

"Probably the first advice I give is - everybody thinks their ideas is the best idea. But ask potential customers," said Ross.

By November of 2019, Landjet was on its third edition, with improvements being made all the time.

"There's nobody that does mobile executive offices throughout the country," he said. "We're in the process of franchising."

Ross and his partners are working to make Landjet go national, hoping to get into 144 cities within five years.

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