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Moline PD wins viral ‘Git Up Challenge’ benefiting Rock Island’s YWCA

MOLINE, Illinois -- The City of Moline's police department won a viral dance competition that was making the rounds in the Quad Cities.

The Moline, East Moline and Rock Island Police Departments took part in the "The Git Up Challenge," which is a dancing competition based around Blanco Brown's line-dancing hip hop song.

Each department made their own video for the challenge, which was done to benefit the Rock Island YWCA.  Community members were asked to give $1 to vote for their favorite department.  After adding up all the votes, the Moline Police Department prevailed.

"The real winner of the Git Up Challenge is our community!!" said a post on the Moline Police Department's Facebook page. "We all benefit every day from the services provided by our police departments! Thank you to our amazing community for sharing the challenge and supporting the YWCA!!"

For 2020, the Moline Police Department is challenging Davenport and Bettendorf to go head-to-head against them in the challenge.

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