Skilled to Work: Local 91 service technicians make the rounds as temperatures fall

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- As temperatures fall, this is a good time of year to get a preventative maintenance check on your home furnace.

"The main thing that we want to do in the fall time is go through the furnace and ensure that it is operating as safely as possible," said Eric Carr, a service technician and journeyman with the Local 91 sheet metal worker's union.

He could be seen checking out the burner box on a residential furnace one Wednesday morning in November. He gave it a good wipe down with a rag and used a flashlight to look inside for debris.

Carr said it's one of the most important parts of a preventative maintenance check: making sure that there is no disruption to the flame as it makes its way to the heat exchanger, which heats the entire home over the cold winter months.

But after re-installing the cover panels on the furnace, Carr's day was far from over. Jumping back into the company truck, he made his way to a commercial building for his next service call, doing a preventative maintenance check on large rooftop units.

"A lot of the machinery are the same, you just might have a bit larger voltage feeding those motors, and those motors might be a little larger," Carr said.



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