QC AIR Citizenship Honors Dinner celebrates new and old immigrants

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- QC AIR (Alliance for Immigrants and Refugees) put on its fourth annual Citizenship Honors Dinner to celebrate the area's immigrant population, both new and old.

People of many ages and backgrounds were invited to the event for a free dinner, taking place at The Center in Davenport on Saturday, Nov. 9. The food was catered from area businesses with diverse cultures, such as Davenport's Taste of Ethiopia and Silvis' Lolita's Taco House.

QC AIR president Grant Curtis explains the necessity of being welcoming to immigrants new and old by saying, "They could go anywhere in the world and become a citizen but they chose us. Really, we're being honored by their choice so we're trying to honor them. because we appreciate the choice they made."


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