Metropolitan Community Church awards veterans with Quilts of Valor

DAVENPORT, Iowa -- They're not as flashy as medals, but that won't stop Metropolitan Community Church from celebrating veterans with a unique award.

On Sunday, the church congregation gave 8 veterans from multiple military branches and wars special patriotic quilts made from recycled fabrics donated by volunteers.

The quilts used to be given to wounded veterans, but the awards are now open to all servicemen and women.

Navy Veteran Tim Kiss explains what the award means to him by saying, "It was like a big hug, from my family, from my community, and from my family who`s passed, who's passed away and is no longer with me. This isn't just for me, it represents all my shipmates whom I've lost contact with, the people who've passed away and veterans before me, who've taught me how to be a proud American, to follow through with my family`s footsteps to serve in our precious military."


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