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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Special Guest Shows Us A Creative Way To Use Up Leftover Halloween Candy

Halloween is over and now you're left with a LOT of Halloween candy. You have two choices - you can eat it as it is (no shame there!) or you can transform that candy into a delectable dessert!

On Friday, November 1st during Nailed It or Failed It, Rebecca Burns from The Shameless Chocoholic appeared on News 8 at 11am to show how Eric and Jon a recipe that uses up your leftover Halloween candy. Click the video above to see what they created and click here to learn more about The Shameless Chocoholic in Moline and LeClaire!

The Shameless Chocoholic is also one of 40+ downtown businesses participating in Moline's 3rd Annual Holiday Hop. It takes place on Friday, November 8th from 4-8pm. The event highlights dozens of unique stores and restaurants in the downtown Moline area - each offering in-store specials, refreshments, kids' crafts, Christmas movies, games, free trolley transportation, and more. For more information, click here.

Ketz's Concoction

It's time for another one of Jon's awesome drinks......... and Friday he's using up left over Sour Patch Kids to make shots!

There are many recipes. Jon kind of made a variation of this one. 

What You Need:

Sour Patch Kids, Vodka, Shot Glasses, Regular Glasses, and a Shaker

How You Make It:

Put one part Sour Patch Kids into a shot glass, and then put it in a shaker. Then, put two parts Vodka into a shot glass, put into the shaker, shake it all up, and then put it into the fridge for several hours. Let it sit there for a good amount of time. Later on, take the drink out, and enjoy! Btw, our photographer Mikey says you can keep the Sour Patch Kids in the drink if you would like.

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