Iowa Blackout plate becomes most popular specialty plate

DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — A new Iowa specialty license plate with white lettering over a black background is now the state’s most popular.

Des Moines television station KCCI reports that the Iowa Department of Transportation has issued more than 46,000 “Blackout” plates since July 1.

That makes it the state’s most popular specialty license plate, surpassing the University of Iowa plate that 30,088 plates in circulation.

Iowa DOT officials say approximately 30% of the Blackout plates are personalized. Click here to see what the plate would look like with personalized text. 

In September, the Blackout plates were so popular that some counties in the state ran out of them. The new plates cost $35 for a non-personalized, alpha-numeric plate and an additional $25 for a personalized plate.

DOT officials say the plates have generated nearly $2 million in revenue for road and bridge projects.

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