How many candidates are too many? We asked local voters.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - It was a busy political night for Davenport on October 18, as two more presidential hopefuls stopped by to try and win voters over.

Just this week, four democratic candidates have visited Davenport.

On Friday ,Senator Amy Klobuchar spoke at the German-American Heritage Center, and former secretary of housing and urban development Julian Castro spoke at St. Ambrose University.

Some local voters say they're still trying to decide who they will back during the upcoming caucus, which will take place on February 3, 2020.

"I'm just interested in hearing as many candidates as I can," said Collin Feaster. He is a senior at Bettendorf High School, and the 2020 presidential election will be his first time voting. He was attending Castro's event.

Davenport resident, Loxi Hopkins, was also at Castro's event.
"I have not made a decision yet of who I am going to caucus for so I decided it was time to start getting serious," said Hopkins.

There are 19 democratic candidates hoping to survive the caucusing, debates and primaries. The goal is to eventually make it to the November 3, 2020 presidential election.

"At first i thought 'holy cow there's way too many.' But, now I think it really gives us a lot of choice, it gives us opportunity to talk about issues that we are concerned about," said Hopkins when asked what her opinion is on having so many candidates.

Not everybody enjoys having too many candidates in the race.

"It's too confusing, said Janice Bryson, who lives in Davenport, Iowa. "There`s too many opinions and they seem to be going after one another instead of the issues."

Senator Amy Klobuchar says "it's just part of the process,"

"I was concerned about having 12 people on one stage but it actually ended up, I think, working out," said Klobuchar.

As candidates try to win America over, some voters are just happy Iowa is at the center of attention.

"We are very fortunate to live in a small state where the politicians can come in and hit four or five big cities in a day and a lot of people get to see them and it's wonderful. I love it," said Davenport resident David Williams.

So, what do you think?

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