Skilled to Work: Local 91 HVAC experts show their work

MOLINE, Illinois -- Local 91 sheet metal workers take extra care to keep HVAC materials looking clean in the fabrication shop. That's because when they get installed, customers are more likely than ever to see it.

"It's all exposed, so we have to take extra care to keep it nice and clean and pristine," said field foreman and Local 91 president Michael Douglas.

Next time you enter a brand new office building, like the IH Mississippi Valley Credit Union's new headquarters on the Moline Riverfront, look up and you may notice that the industrial style is in.

"They really like that exposed industrial look on the duct work," said Douglas. "So it kind of adds a little finesse on our fabrication process," he said.

It's no easy task packing in all that duct work, winding up and around the structure of the building and other things like plumbing lines.

"And if we don't hit that just perfectly, we're going to be running into stuff all over the building," said Daniel Cooley Jr., the head CAD technician on the job. "Whether it's structure, or whether it's other trades," he said.

Sheet metal workers have to be on the mark every time, because more often than not nowadays, they show their work.

"Basically, we are building a big puzzle," Douglas said. "And everybody's got a little part of that," he said.

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