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Moline Police uses humor on Facebook to find Halloween decoration vandal

MOLINE, Illinois-- The Moline Police Department is looking for a man who reportedly cut the extension cords on a Moline home's Halloween decorations, making a Facebook post describing the "missed connection".

The man went through one yard along 10th Street in Moline and cut the electrical cords on decorations, according to the post.

"I’m crazy about Halloween. You  know this put a damper on it. I have kind of run out of words as to why or how it would happen," said Shayla Taylor, who put the inflatable gourd up in her front yard a couple of weeks ago.
"For someone to come here and rip it out, that’s just childish in my words. I was very angry and called the cops," she said.
"This could be the break that we need," she said of the Moline PD's post.

Moline Detective and department spokesman, Michael Griffin, said the "#MissedConnectionMonday" posts are the most popular on their Facebook page.

"I'll never forget seeing you, it was a cool and crisp Sunday morning," the post said.

"Who hates Halloween so much that they cut cords? Did you go haunted housing in high school and got so scared of the chainless chainsaw that you soiled yourself in front of your homecoming date? That night then sent you on a path of vengeance and retaliation against Halloween and inflatable Jack O'Lanterns."

No other houses have reported any damage, according to Moline Detective Michael Griffin.

Police ask those with additional information to contact the department at 309-524-2140 or Crime Stoppers of the Quad Cities at 309-762-9500.

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