Tracking the driest stretch of days since August

The Quad Cities has been no stranger to cloudy, dreary, rainy days as of late. Look no further than September to solidify that statement.

Last month 18 out of the 30 days featured measurable rainfall, filling up nearly 60 percent of the month with moisture. Much of that rainfall came in heavy batches over a couple of day period adding up to an impressive 7.81 inches here in the Quad Cities for the month and many more locations topped that with total amounts closer to a foot. We're finally turning a corner though, and while the rain certainly erased the drought, it sadly came at the consequence of renewing river flooding for the region.

Counting today and the next three days, this will be the driest stretch of weather the Quad Cities has seen in more than a month! The last time we had four consecutive dry days in a row was clear back in late August. At that time we were begging for rain coming out of a dry July.  This drier pattern will hold through at least Thursday morning as the front itself won't arrive until sometime Friday. That will drive the next chance for widespread showers and thunderstorms across the region.

Typically with a wetter pattern, you'll also experience cooler temperatures, too. While the month of September wasn't unusually cool by any means, it was actually warmer, we will quickly catch up to that cooler pattern to start this month. In fact, some of the coolest temperatures of the season are now less than a week away as another powerful cold front pushes through later this week.

While the week will start out with some nice warmth, the ending won't be nearly as nice. Average high temperatures for the week run about 67 to 68 degrees. Notice by the end of the week once the front moves through our temperatures will fall significantly below zero. Some hometowns may not breach 50 by next Saturday. Yikes! So, enjoy the dry and warmer pattern while it sticks around. Much cooler temperatures are certainly edging their way in later this week.

Meteorologist Andrew Stutzke

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