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It might be 2016 again, scary clown sighting reported in Fort Madison

FORTH MADISON- In a bizarre case that harkens back to the clown hysteria of 2016, a woman claimed that a clown harassed her and her son.

Fort Madison Police Chief Mark Rohloff says officers were called to a report of a “menacing clown” on Wednesday, September 25.

It was near the intersection of 14th street and Avenue F in Fort Madison.

He says officers chased the clown and recovered a “scary” clown costume that had been ditched in a parking lot.

During the chase, the clown jumped a fence and managed to escape the police.

The woman who called in the complaint said its a reoccurring thing and that the clown was harassing her and her son.

The Chief went on to say this happens in other communities this time of year and is nothing new.

People will put on a mask to hide their identity. But its almost impossible to figure out what their motives or intentions are.

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