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NAILED IT OR FAILED IT: Turning Leaves Into Art

Here's a secret - I've got a seasonal issue.

It's really hard for me to transition from season to season effortlessly. I actually have to take a day, throw all of my summer-y stuff into a storage bin, then start from scratch before I put up all my fall decor. Anyone else feel this way? I'm also one who follows the "No-White-Pants-After-Labor-Day Rule" - so yeah, I guess this isn't really a shock to anyone.

For Nailed It Or Failed It on Friday, September 27th, I found two great crafts to help anyone else with that awkward "Is it summer? Is it fall? WHAT SEASON IS IT?" feeling. Click the video above to see how me, Eric, and Jon created these pieces of art and cured my new personalized version of Seasonal Affective Disorder:

1) Rainbow Leaf Prints

All you need for this craft are some flat, green leaves - I picked mine up while playing with Zuno in the backyard! - and washable markers! I used some white card stock to make the colors really pop (because, as you know, one day all of this art that we create on Nailed It or Failed It is going to be famous and very expensive).

2) Leaf Clay Dish

I think this is the craft that's going to get me from summer to fall - a beautiful jewelry dish in the shape of a leaf! All you need for this project is a leaf with a lot of texture, some air dry clay, a knife, and then some paint and Mod Podge to add some color and seal it when you're all done. This one takes a little bit of time since you have to account for dry time, but the finished product will hopefully look beautiful - and last for two seasons instead of one!

Cocktail of the Week

We had a special guest join us for Cocktail of the Week on Friday, September 27th! Alex Nagel, Bar Admiral at The Half Nelson in downtown Davenport gave us a sneak peak at the restaurant's fall cocktail menu. Click the video below to see what he's mixing up, then click here to find out more about this new hot spot in the Quad Cities!

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