Maine woman becomes first person to logroll across Mississippi River

Can't see the stream? Tap here!

LECLAIRE, Iowa -- A Maine woman became the first person to logroll across the Mississippi River.

Alissa Wetherbee completed her logroll attempt from Port Byron to LeClaire on Thursday morning, September 26.  Wetherbee is professional timber sports athlete; timber sports include activities like axe throwing, log rolling, sawing, and chopping.

For about 30 minutes, Wetherbee balanced on a log floating in the Mississippi River.  The log is called a Key Log, which is made of synthetic materials designed specifically for this sport.

In her home state of Maine, Wetherbee created a group called the Axe Women Loggers of Maine.  It's a group of "lumberjills" who take part in professional timber sports athletic events.  Among these women, many have won world or collegiate championships and hold world records.  Whetherbee is a world champion axe thrower and peavey log roller.

This event has taken many months to plan and is partly reliant on good weather.  The News 8 RiverCruiser accompanied Wetherbee with Grace Marine as the escort boat.

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