Moline nonprofit helps animals in need, hits four-year milestone

MOLINE, Illinois-- Rescued off 16th Street in Moline is coming up on a huge milestone this weekend.

"This is something we never thought would take off," Erin Granet co-owner of the nonprofit said.

Since 2015, Rescued has been a hub for all things animal-related. The nonprofit is completely donation-based, collecting money to pay vet bills and provide animal care in the community.

Last year, 240 pets were helped by Rescued and that's not just dogs and cats, a horse got some help too.

"We get to decide exactly where our money goes," Granet said. "We pay vet bills directly to the vets, we get to see the animals that we help. We know where every single penny goes."

Since opening up, they've made over $170,000, but it's not just customer support they are thankful for; dozens of local businesses have stepped up too.

"I'm just blown away by the amount of donations we get on a daily basis," Granet said. "It's just amazing the support that we've had."

Now that they've gone this far, all they hope is to continue to grow.

"Last year we donated twice as much as we were able to the year before, so it would be nice to continue to be able to donate more and more because there is definitely a need out there," Granet said.

Rescued will be having their fourth anniversary sale Sept. 21 and 22. For more information visit their Facebook page.

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