Study: Rock Island County residents are paying more in property taxes to maintain pensions

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois --A study released by a taxpayer advocacy group said residents in Rock Island County are paying twice as much as the rest of the country in property taxes.   The reason, they say, is to keep local government pensions  afloat.

The study, prepared by Taxpayers United of America, was released Monday, September 16.  In their findings, they said there are several former government employees that can expect to draw millions of dollars in pension money during their lifetime.

"They're the cause of our bankruptcy," said the group's president, Jim Tobin.  Tobin is an economist who analyzes government pensions and their affects.  "They're outrageous and they need to be cut back."

The group said all Illinois government new hires should be placed in a 401k style retirement savings plan, and that the retirement age should be increased to 65.

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