Volunteers clear hiking trails in preparation for Taming of the Slough

MOLINE, Illinois -- Floodwaters and debris can't stop these triathlon racers.

In preparation for next week's Taming of the Slough Adevnture Triathlon, crews of volunteers and staff from sponsoring organization River Action went out onto the trails on Saturday, September 14th to clean them up.

River Action says that spring floodwaters made many sections of Sylvan Island inaccessible earlier in the season, so the extra help was needed for timeliness. The cleanup crews out out on the trails primarily removing trash.

River Action Executive Director Kathy Wine commented on the last-minute cleanup effort, saying, "Lots of things have to happen before next week, one of them is getting these trails cleaned. We are preparing for paddlers and we`re preparing for bikers, mountain bikers on the trail behind me and we`re gonna do a run, on the river front and on the Arsenal Island. With all of that there`ll be a lot of preparation we`re looking forward to it."

This effort comes one week before the Taming of the Slough is scheduled to take place. The kayak, biking, and running triathlon event is set to start at 8:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 21st.

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